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UK Bans Pro-Jihad Islamist Groups

Government Bans Islamist Groups

Britain has banned three Muslim extremist groups that want to turn the UK into an Islamic state.

UK Bans Pro-Jihad Islamist Groups

Soeren Kern | Gatestone Institute | July 12, 2014

The British government has banned three groups linked to Anjem Choudary, a Muslim hate preacher who wants to turn the United Kingdom into an Islamic state.

The move comes after the groups were found to have organized jihadist recruitment meetings in which two Muslim youths from Cardiff were persuaded to fight with Islamic insurgents in Syria.

The Home Office said on June 26 that the groups Need4Khilafah, the Shariah Project and the Islamic Dawah Association are all aliases of al-Muhajiroun, a Salafi-Wahabi extremist group that was banned in 2006 but has continued to operate ever since then by using different names.

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